My Pennsylvania Quaker Ancestry The Worrilow Family

For the past couple of months I have been finding my self making a mid month update to my online database; this month I am doing the same due to a big find. In my recent pursuit of the Whippo family I have been entering data that has been in my file cabinet for many years. A couple of weeks ago I shared the will of George Whippo Jr., and there has been a lot of interest judging from the visits to my blog and the post about the will specifically.

George Whippo Jr‘s parents were George Whippo Sr. and Jane Worrilow. I decided to do some Google searching on the Worrilow family and ran across a few good websites. Amongst the results was a link to a book on that mentioned the Worrilow name in the blurb. I decided to check it out and was pleasantly surprised to find that the book contained a wealth of info not only for the Worrilow clan but also the Maris and Taylor families, both known to me to be tied to the Whippo’s and Worrilows. The name of the book is “The Collateral Ancestry of Stephen Harris, born September 4, 1798 and of Marianne Smith, born April 2, 1805″ authored by John Smith Harris in 1908. I will provide a link to download the book at the end of this article.

Being that I am just starting to research this line I decided that before I put to much faith in Mr. Harris’ book and his research that I wanted to find others who were working on the Worrilow family and ask them if the book was accurate. I have in the past followed lineages from books that were published and looked to be accurate with sources only to find out that the author’s work was riddled with errors. I found a facebook group dedicated to researching the Worrilow family, I joined and quickly started a conversation with a very helpful gentleman named Lawrence Worrilow. he stated that he had heard of the book and in briefly looking at the data he felt it was accurate. He also provided a link to his ancestry tree which impressed me very much. His tree is not your typical ancestry tree, he has sources and lots of them, he also shares a lot of scanned records. I have not had time to check the tree out in great detail but it looks promising, and I am excited to spend the majority of my Saturday going through it.

The database update contains approximately 130 new people that I have entered from the Harris book all dealing with the Worrilow family. They will be directly related to all of my Rowles and Whippo cousins. The line goes back to Christopher and Margery Warrilow in England in the late 1500’s. Check it out and feel free to contact me with updates and corrections.

Link to the Harris Book
Link to Worrilow Facebook Group

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  1. gracebushkern says:

    My name is Grace Kern. My maiden name was Bush. I am the youngest and only living daughter of Fred Bush and Mary Levina Roan Bush. My grandmother was Melissa Bush Henderson daughter of Francis and Mary Elizabeth (Coulter) Bush. I came across your site and would like to add some information about my parents and siblings. If interested please contact me. My email address is I have been living in Roanoke, Virginia since 1973.

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