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Chuck Bush

Me with my dog Flash

I was first introduced to genealogy as a teenager while trying to earn my Genealogy merit badge in the Boy Scouts.  As a teenager nobody wants to sit and actually talk to their parents, and I wont lie, I wasn’t looking forward to it. At first I was just asking questions and writing down their answers. These question and answer sessions eventually led to my parents telling about their lives and what it was like when they were growing up. At first it seemed like just a lot of work for a worthless little patch, little did I know that it would end up being a life-long hobby.

My focus has been primarily on my dad’s side of the family, being that my mother is doing her side. My paternal lines for the most part are from Clearfield and Centre counties, both in central Pennsylvania. This hasn’t always proved easy as I live in northern Minnesota.

I am hoping that through this website I will be able to more easily share my research with others, and meet new cousins. So check out my online database and send me an email if you find we have a common ancestor or relative.




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