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The 1940 US Census is finally… err ALMOST here

As you are likely aware the 1940 US Census was made public today. I was one of those who stayed up late to get my first peek at it on Ancestry, they have had a counter ticking down the days for quite a while.

I logged in anticipating getting no sleep what-so-ever as I waded through the census looking up ancestors entering notes in my database and saving images.  When I first logged in I was greeted by a popup saying the 1940 is cenus is here! I quickly navigated my way to the search form for the 1940 cenus typed in my first surname and where to look for them, only to find that the images are only up for Nevada and Washington D.C.

I did a little looking around and found that they are in the process of uploading all 3.8 million images. As I am writing this the only state which is completely uploaded is Nevada.

So I will have to wait to see my Pennsylvania roots and add those much covetted names, places and dates to my database.  I know I wont have to wait much longer, but the 5 year old in my head is screaming “I want it now!” Tomorrow is another day as they say.

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