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Genealogy Data

I am finally getting most of the kinks worked out of the new website. There are still some issues I am hoping will get worked out like the pesky little errors that happen while users are logged in, but all in all things are working now.

My goal is to keep the vast majority of the data I have collected available online. To do this I am planning on updating the database regularly, perhaps once a month or once every few months as new data and corrections come in.

Over the next several weeks I will uploading a lot of photo’s and scanned documents to the website and linking them to the person they belong to. If you have photo’s or documents please let me know and I will be happy to add them here. Next to each person’s name in the database you will find a link to easily share a photo or document for that person, Likewise there are also links to upload headstone photos if the individual is deceased.

Corrections can be submitted by clicking the suggestion tab and typing in the suggested correction. I do ask if you submit a correction please provide a source or otherwise tell me why you feel the information needs to be corrected. For example lets say you find your great-grandfather and the only information I have is a name for him, supply any additional info and let me know of your relation to this person. If you have a obit or death certificate list that as a source and consider uploading it so it can be displayed for other researchers.

Corrections are emailed to me and I will be making changes in my desktop genealogy software, and as stated before I will exporting and uploading new gedcom files to the website regularly. So your changes will not be immediate but rest assured they will show up in the database.

I have already had a lot of suggestions and corrections submitted and will be uploading a new gedcom file in the next week or so.

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